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I’m an academic at the UCL Energy Institute. I finished my PhD in 2019, which looked into a new way of measuring the ambient temperature that people experience and its health impacts. Currently, my research focuses on the relationships between the environment and health. This is particularly relevant in the context of climate change, where I look at the potential health benefits of climate change mitigation practices. My main research activities are for the Lancet Countdown’s Working Group Mitigation Actions and Health Co-benefits. The Lancet Countdown is a yearly report which focuses on the links between climate change and health – have a look here: https://www.lancetcountdown.org/.

Alongside academic research and teaching, I’ve worked in journalism as a consultant for Greenpeace’s Energydesk and most recently with the Open University on the AHRC funded project ‘Stories of Change’ as a researcher for the BBC’s Roger Harrabin. One measure of success for science is the extent to which it is understood by a general audience: in this regard there is still much work to be done.

This website contains as many of the interesting things about the world I’m able to assemble. Broadly speaking, the topics covered will relate to questions of what determines energy demand in buildings, but this requires thinking about physics, mathematics and people, as well as some more technical things about coding and data science.

– Harry